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COVID-19/Coronavirus- URGENT -UCA, Varsity All Star Health & Safety Update, Operating Policy

Hello BEAST Families,


To say this is a not an easy time during such fluid situations is an understatement. The President’s decisions last night regarding global travel restrictions and Congresses deliberations on legislation today highlight the importance for all of us to err on the side of caution. Further, Governor Ron DeSantis is working with State, County officials and Schools Superintendents on next steps. Finally Broward County has just announced canceling  all “After school activities including athletics starting this coming Monday”.


We at Broward Elite are not taking this situation lightly. As important as cheer is to us as a business, it is secondary to your children and families safety and experience which always guide our operating principles. With this in mind, please read below in entirety:


  1. UCA Competition:
    1. Based on collaborating this morning with several of the largest cheer programs around the nation and  MANY of you urging us to opt-out, Broward Elite is electing to not compete at UCA this weekend.
    2. We’re siding with conservative caution Vs heading straight into thick crowds of thousands of people with the risk of asymptomatic individuals who could be standing right next to us; waiting to enter the arena, in warmups, team competition viewing areas, or worse the chaos of crowds of families trying to get into the arenas to see the teams perform. Add to that the number of international teams who traveled to compete and you can see where pockets of outbreaks in the US from Europe can immediately impact us in a social gathering space.
    3. The 1st email below - Notice from Varsity on their policy for UCA.
      1.   We have notified UCA of our intentions not to participate.
      2. With regard to competition fee refunds and park hopper pass refunds.  We will work with Varsity and advise (as they stated in their email).
      3. Bottom line – As soon as the dust settles and we know where we stand with Varsity, we will update you.
  2. Upcoming Varsity Competitions – (2nd email below):
    1. Varsity is postponing ALL competitions for the next two weeks.
    2. Updates on other competitions between then and the end of the season will be announced weekly on Monday mornings.
    3. We will be evaluating these updates and communicating them with you as we get them and our approach as a program
  • Dade / Broward Schools Announcements:
    1. Effective this afternoon, Broward Schools are canceling ALL after school student activities including sports until further notice. Schools will remain open.
  1. Team Practices: - MODIFIED SCHEDULE
    1. Based on Broward Schools announcement, we are effectively changing our current program schedules for team practices to “OPTIONAL at the Parents Discretion!!!”.
    2. What does that mean?
      1.       It is entirely up to you to chose to come to Broward Elite.
      2.  We will remain open for business until Broward Schools announces canceling of classes and/or the County enforces business closure notices.
      3. Practice times will remain the same.
      4. Attending team practices will be at YOUR DISCRETION with absolutely no consequence to your child (related to team participation, routine placement, or anything of that nature).  It's hard enough on the children, Let's make the best of it.
  1. Privates and Classes:
    1. For now, we will continue “business as usual” for Private Lessons and Classes
    2. IF you plan to change your scheduled Private Lessons, please call us in advance of changing your schedule.
    3. 180Pro Classes will continue as well with the currently posted schedule


In summary, this is a challenging time for ALL of us. Your families health and welfare is far more important than an athletic sports activity. We very much appreciate all your support for Broward Elite, our employees, and coaches. We continue to strive for all the reasons you have chosen us over the past 15 years – Honesty, Ethics, Professionalism, and progressing your child’s skills in cheer safely!!! We will stick together and be stronger together.  Thank you all for understanding and working through this with us.  We’ll keep you up to date as quickly as officials and Varsity inform us.


To view this email as a web page, go here.
College Nationals
Hello Coaches and Gym Owners,

At Varsity Spirit, the health and safety of our athletes, coaches, employees, families and friends is our top priority. With that in mind, we are diligently monitoring the impact of COVID-19/Coronavirus and have a dedicated, knowledgeable team working around the clock to assess the situation. We recognize this is a dynamic situation, and we have also been in close communication with our partners at Disney during this time.

Based on the guidance of public health organizations like the CDC and the WHO, and state and local health authorities, we will be making adjustments to this weekend’s UCA International All Star Championship.

The event will be conducted, but we are implementing the following precautionary measures to significantly reduce the number of people in the venues and large crowds in general:   
  • All UCA International All Star Championship teams will compete one time on Saturday only. 
  • Only the families from the team that is on deck, on the floor, or just finishing will be allowed in all competition venues. 
  • All award ceremonies will be virtual and available free of charge on Varsity TV on Varsity.com. 
  • We will post the updated schedule here.
Teams who are not comfortable competing and would like to cancel will be provided a partial refund based on Disney’s cancellation policies . For teams that decide not to compete but would still like to go to the parks, we will refund them the competition fee. Please contact your competition registration specialist by 5:00 PM ET today to let them know if you are cancelling or competing. 

We will keep you up to date throughout the weekend via the UCA All Star Championship Coaches BAND . Detailed information on the above precautionary measures will be posted this afternoon. 

If you have any questions please contact Brian Elza, Tres LeTard, and Mark Lyczkowski.   

Thank you in advance for your patience, and thank you for being part of the Varsity Spirit family. 

National High School Cheerleading Championship



Varsity All Star Health & Safety Update

Varsity All Star Competitions (excluding UCA IASC) 
At Varsity Spirit, the health and safety of our athletes, coaches, employees, families and friends is our top priority. With that in mind, we are diligently monitoring the impact of COVID-19/Coronavirus and have a dedicated, knowledgeable team working around the clock to assess the situation. We recognize this is a dynamic situation, and we have also been in close communication with our venue partners. 

Based on the guidance of public health organizations like the CDC and the WHO, state and local health authorities, and event partners, we will be postponing all Varsity All Star events for the next two weekends (March 14-15 and March 21-22). It is our intention to reschedule these events later this season or transfer your registration to an upcoming event of your choice.  

Each event brand will follow up with more detailed information in the coming days. Please contact your brand/event representative with additional questions. 

There are no further planned postponements or changes at this time. We will continue to keep you updated as the situation evolves, including a weekly update on Mondays at 10:00 AM CT beginning March 23. 
Varsity All Star

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